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    Roger Chapelain-Midy, draft for the set of La Reine de la Nuit in La Flûte enchantée, 1954. BnF, Music Department, Opera Library

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from June 20, 2017 to September 19, 2017 Opéra Library

From Mozart’s first journeys to France to his posthumous fame on the various lyric stages, this exhibition discloses the wealth and variety of the collections housed at the BnF and Paris Opera. The autograph manuscript of the cult work Don Giovanni is here presented together with some of Mozart’s major manuscripts worldwide but also with sketches of costumes and sets commissioned to the famous artists engaged on the French lyric stages.

The ties between Mozart and France were actually very strong. He came to Paris on three occasions; he set to music Le Mariage de Figaro, the famous play by
Beaumarchais and the manuscript of Don Giovanni was even bought by one of the most famous French singers of the time, Pauline Viardot.

Today, Mozart is the most often performed composer at Paris Opera and his work remains an inexhaustible source of theatrical invention. The exhibition follows the major steps of his recognition by the French public: first of all, a fascination for the precocity of the child prodigy; then, the adaptation of his works to the French taste and eventually the celebration of his universal genius by posterity.


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