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Current and retrospective Products

Custom bibliographic products

Specific sorting may be requested, where accepted by BnF. Custom sorting is subject to specific delivery and pricing arrangements.

Contents: variable depending on sorting option

Subscription: annual

Number of records: variable depending on sorting option

Delivery frequency: at the customer’s request, deliveries may be scheduled to take place fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Price: Prices are set with reference to Decision (revenue) no. 2011-1130 of 1st July 2011. VAT is applied to all prices at the rate applicable at the time of billing (French public libraries are eligible for exemption). Fixed price for scheduling and delivery: €1,500 excl. VAT. Annual subscriptions are charged at €200 excl. VAT per year. For subscriptions beginning part way through the year, the subscription price is calculated on a pro rata basis based on the remaining number of months’ deliveries

Data format: UNIMARC ISO 2709 or INTERMARC ISO 2709
Character encoding: UTF-8 UNICODE (a character set for all writing systems) or ISO 5426 (a Latin character set with or without diacritics)
Delivery method
: raw data (without any software retrieval environment) is:

  • sent out on CD-ROM;
  • made available on BnF’s FTP server;
  • or made available on the customer’s FTP server.

Depending on file sizes, it may not be possible to use the BnF's server.


Monthly files can be accessed on BnF's server for ten days from the date on which you receive an e-mail informing you that they have been delivered. They can no longer be accessed after this time.

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Bon de livraison des produits bibliographiques [fichier .rtf – 115 Ko – 07/01/14 – 2 p.]


Coordination of Bibliographic Products and Services (Coordination des produits et services bibliographiques)
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