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The BnF needs your support to carry on the restoration of its historical site. An exceptional heritage place, the Richelieu Library originates in the library of King Charles V, in 1368.

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At the end of the renovation work in 2020, Richelieu will be both a library and a museum open to all. A splendid place to visit, the library will offer outstanding viewpoints on its reading rooms, bookstacks or wings, unveiling numerous jewels so far hidden from passer-bys.

For the first time ever, at the opening of the future Musée de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, the most precious pieces housed at the BnF will be available to all: the manuscript of Les Misérables, sketchbooks of drawings by Degas, the Great Cameo of France, Dagobert’s throne or the Prisse papyrus, the oldest book in the world.

Each donation is precious. Thank you for your support!

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Bring back to life an original period room

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The salon Louis XV, oalso known as the Cabinet du Roi, was fitted out in the 18th century to house the royal collection of coins and medals, one of the most exceptional in the world. Its décor, painted by the three masters of the 18th century - François Boucher, Charles Natoire and Carle Van Loo – and its furniture compose a set which is unique in the world. In 2021, the Salon Louis XV, as a real antique cabinet, will offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in a remarkable baroque décor, an authentic “period room”.
Masterpieces at risk
Major restoration works are necessary to bring back the original brightness and colours of the painted décors of the Cabinet du Roi.
The conservation status of the paintings in the Salon Louis XV is worrying. Having never been restored, the canvasses are very dirty; some of them even show deteriorations and a strong oxidation of varnishes.

Let’s bring back to life:
Clio, the muse of History, Polymnie or the muse of Rhetoric, Euterpe, The Musique, Uranie, the Astronomy, Apollon, Mercure and Hercule, protectors of the muses.

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Adopt an emblem of the oval reading room

Following the renovation campaign dedicated to the oval reading room, it is still possible to give your name or a relative’s name to an emblem of this outstanding reading room.

Emblems of the oval reading room still available for adoption:

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A city of culture

The names of various cities, famous for their symbolic impact in the history of civilizations and libraries, through ancient and contemporary cultures, are painted in red, in golden cartouches: Paris, Byzantium, Washington, Florence, Athens, Ninive, Berlin, Alexandria, London, Babylon, Vienna, Thebes, Rome, Carthage, Beijing, Jerusalem.
Donation: 5 000 €

Paris, Rome, Berlin and Jerusalem already adopted. 12 cities still available for adoption!

A column

The cast iron twin columns are fitted with large capitals bearing the arches of the annular semi-vault.
Donation: 6 000 €

2 columns adopted. 11 columns still available for adoption!

If you wish to split your payment in several transactions or over several years, please contact us: 00 33 (1) 53 79 48 51 or

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  • The persons having donated between 200 € and 500 €, in addition to the advantages previously listed, will benefit from a subscription to the BnF magazine, Chroniques. They will be invited at the public opening of the BnF exhibitions during one year.
  • The persons having donated over 500 €, in addition to the advantages previously listed, will be invited to a private tour of the Richelieu Library.

The mission of France Loisirs, partner of the BnF fundraising appeals for the 4th year in a row, is to provide access to books and reading everywhere in France since its creation in 1970.

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