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Online Bibliographic Record Transfer

The online record transfer service enables bibliographic and authority records from the catalogue général de la BnF to be downloaded by creating a basket and transferring files to BnF’s FTP server.

Online transfer of records: registering and downloading records

How to register

To access the record transfer service, you need an identifier in order to set up an account.
To obtain an identifier, fill in the formulaire en ligne.
Once approved by BnF, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail contains the following:

  • your identifier (in the form of a number)
  • details of BnF’s FTP server, from where records can be downloaded

In addition to this registrant identifier assigned by the Coordination of Bibliographic Products and Services, you must also create an account and select a password, when connecting to the catalogue général de la BnF for the first time. Both identifier and password will be required each time you open a new session.

For more info

Principe du service de récupération en ligne [fichier .pdf – 84 Ko – 28/09/11 – 3 p.]

How to transfer records from the catalog

Records are transferred while consulting the catalogue général de la BnF.

There are three steps in downloading a record:


Mode d’emploi du transfert de notices en ligne [fichier .pdf – 2867 Ko – 28/09/11 – 31 p.]

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Coordination of Bibliographic Products and Services (Coordination des produits et services bibliographiques)
Email :

Register online

To obtain an identifier needed to set up an account for transferring records, fill in the formulaire en ligne.
If you have problems registering, contact