How can I retrieve the ISNI identifiers and load them in my database?

The ISNI identifiers assigned to BnF data are freely disseminated under the French Open License, - introduced by Etalab, the task force under the French Prime Minister’s authority leading Open Government Data policy for France. This License allows all kinds of reuse of the information (including its commercial exploitation) and requires attribution to the source. The ISNI identifiers are diffused with the authority record they belong to trough the current and retrospective authority datasets (in international Unimarc and in the specific BnF Marc format) and the online transfer of records. They will be soon diffused trough the bibliographic datasets and the RDF dumps of

All the assigned ISNI identifier can be viewed in the public ISNI international database. These identifiers are available for a free reuse. The ISNI identifier shall be displayed as follows : ISNI 0000 0000 7359 228X.
It is clickable, according to the following URL structure :
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Only available in French Récupération de l'ISNI via les notices de la BnF

How can I get an ISNI?

If you already have a record in the BnF authority file please check for your ISNI identifier at the bottom of it on the public display. If there is no ISNI identifier, please send an email to We may ask you for further information in order to ensure a reliable assignment.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The BnF assigns ISNI numbers only to the persons and organisations listed in its Authority File.
Please email:

The persons and organisations non listed in this file should send their registration request for the ISNI database to