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Life of the network

This section places special emphasis on current events in the national cooperation network by providing information about BnF’s concrete cooperation activities with its national partners. It shares information about important events taking place within or involving BnF’s agreed partners by passing on information arising from the following:
  • national cooperation activities undertaken in conjunction with BnF, new partnership agreements, and new retrospective conversions added to CCFr (the BMR database of retroconverted municipal library holdings)
  • agreed partners themselves, in particular by maintaining pages on current events, activities, and the lives of our partners in relation to the online publication of catalogs, contributions to collective catalogs and portals, and the digitization and promotion of collections falling within areas of cooperation by way of exhibitions and/or publications

The Bibliography of Political and General French Press (Bibliographie de la presse française politique et d’information générale/BIPFPIG)

A long-term project that is advancing thanks to BnF’s regional partners

The crude acronym BIPFPIG denotes a national program to provide an inventory of the press, launched more than 50 years ago and managed by BnF. It provides department-by-department descriptions of general news press collections, from their origins to 1944, held by BnF, libraries, and archive departments.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011