BnF’s OAI repositories

The OAI-PMH protocol enables dual referencing of collections

  • referencing within Gallica of collections belonging to partner libraries (CNUM, Medica, Library of Congress, etc.)
  • referencing of BnF’s digital resources outside Gallica via other catalogs and digital libraries, including in particular Europeana

BnF’s OAI repositories

The Bibliothèque nationale de France has opened two OAI repositories aimed at facilitating access to its collections and data.

  • OAI-NUM contains the records for all documents digitized by the BnF and accessible via the Gallica digital library.However, it does not contain the records for the documents from partner libraries which are accessible via the Gallica digital library.
  • OAI-CAT contains all the bibliographic records of BnF catalogue general, whether documents are digitized or not.

In accordance with the OAI-PMH protocol, the BnF uses the Simple Dublin Core for the descriptive metadata of its documents. Updated regularly, these two repositories can be freely harvested under the terms of the OAI-PMH protocol, and enable digitized documents and bibliographic data produced by BnF to be referenced in other databases.

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Referencing digitized collections with the OAI-NUM repository

When setting up Gallica, BnF created a specific OAI warehouse – OAI-NUM – which consists of data exported from the library’s native catalogs, the BnF catalogue general and BnF archives et manuscrits.

Electronic resources are cataloged in one or other of these catalogs, depending on their nature. The OAI-NUM warehouse forms the specific catalog for remotely accessible digital resources, such that any corrections and additions to the underlying catalog are reflected in the digital resource catalog.
This solution has the advantage both of being technically undemanding and of creating the right conditions to be able to offer specific services linked to the library’s digital collections thanks to the existence of a specific structured catalog.

Gallica open to other heritage collections [from BnF’s network of agreed partners]

BnF has written a document aimed at libraries wishing their digital resources to be referenced within Gallica using the OAI-PMH protocol. The document sets out ten points covering all the information (IT, technical, documentary, etc.) required to reference digital resources compatible with Gallica. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

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