CCFr and collection referencing

CCFr is both a location tool and a cooperation tool, managed by BnF and populated by BnF and its partners.

As a cooperation tool, it is used by libraries and other documentation institutions to reference collections and network catalogs. It acts as a directory of organizations, a location tool, and a document access intermediary. It is used to pool library holdings.

Referencing collections

The National Directory of Libraries and Documentary Collections (Répertoire national des bibliothèques et des fonds documentaires/RNBFD)

Almost 4,800 French libraries are listed in the National Directory of Libraries and Documentary Collections, including the following::
  • all municipal libraries in towns/cities with a population of more than 10,000 people
  • all French university libraries 
  • all types of libraries and resource centers

This national repository provides links to libraries’ descriptive records, which provide regularly updated practical and scientific information (addresses, opening hours, access conditions, web addresses for catalogs and/or libraries, available services, descriptions of collections, etc.).

More than 1,760 collections based around donors, topics, etc. are also described in detail in conjunction with the libraries that hold them: access and reproduction terms, period covered, subject, language, document types, catalogs and inventories, bibliographical references, potential exhibitions, etc.

In addition, there is currently a specific active field to specify and search online catalogs, as well as a specific field indicating whether an institution belongs to one or more networks (such as CADIST and the agreed partner networks).

Wednesday, October 28, 2015