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BnF takes part in research and development projects in cooperation with many European partners. This translates into a human, scientific, technical and significant financial investment, and into a strong commitment at both strategic and operational levels.
These projects are funded or co-funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020 or Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

European ongoing projects

Rise of Literacy

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Schedule: September 2017 – February 2019

Objective: to increase the amount of collections accessible via Europeana on the theme of the rise of literacy and on the evolutions of the reading and writing practices and their generalisation, from the Middle Ages to the present day through two thematic collections (Manuscripts, Periodicals), two virtual exhibitions (rise of literacy, the transition from manuscript to print), a series of blog posts and image galleries.

Pilot and partners: led by the National Library of Slovenia, 12 partners are part of this project organised into six working groups.

BnF's contribution: BnF is digitising about forty newspapers and periodicals on this theme; exploring the possibility of widening the dissemination of Gallica's mediation by making it interoperable and reusable by Europeana and other bodies; contributing to thematic collections, virtual exhibitions, blog posts and image galleries.

NewsEye (A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers)


Schedule: May 2018 – April 2021

Objective: improve access to digitised historical newspapers for researchers, users of European national libraries but also for the general public. Work will be performed on improving the quality of articles, semantic enrichment (names of people, places, countries, etc.), viewpoint of the author (positive or negative), and deduction by analysis of data based on user searches, the NewsEye project will result in a personal search assistant. This tool will be multilingual ​​and should apply to all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.

Pilot and partners:  led by La Rochelle university and its L3i laboratory (Laboratoire informatique image et interaction), 8 partners from France, Germany, Finland and Austria are contributing to this project.

BnF's contribution: the BnF is providing content (OCR and OLR pages, ground truth, named entities produced during the Europeana Newspapers project), testing part of the tools to be developed as well as leading the sustainable plan. It is also providing support for the dissemination activities, including organising the final project conference.

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