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European projects - heritage & research

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BnF takes part in research and development projects in cooperation with many European partners. This translates into a human, scientific, technical and significant financial investment, and into a strong commitment at both strategic and operational levels.
These projects are co-funded by the European Commisssion under its ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, or under its Seventh Frammework Programme.

European ongoing projects

Europeana V3.0

Logo du projet Europeana Tech 2015
Schedule: June 2014 – May 2015

Objective: to enable Europeana to pursue its aggregation strategy of the European cultural heritage based on improving access and reuse. The project activities focus on promoting the aggregation model, the continuous data enrichment with the support of EuropeanaTech network partners, their access via the Europeana Portal, the API (Application Programming Interface) and mobile applications, and attracting new publics via new channels and social media.

Pilot and partners: The Europeana Foundation is the coordinator. 15 partners from 7 countries participate to this project, organised in 7 work packages.

BnF's contribution: BnF collaborates on the work package ”Facilitation, Innovation and Policy”

Europeana Sounds

Logo du projet Europeana Sounds
Schedule: February 2014-January 2017

Objective: significantly increase audio content accessible through Europeana, this content being mainly classical, traditional and folk music, natural sounds and oral memory; provide through crowdsourcing semantic enrichment of existing metadata; make it easier to access unavailable works and develop the possibilities of reuse by the creative industries.

Pilot and partners:
a consortium of 24 partners from 12 countries led by the British Library. The project is organised into seven working groups.

BnF's contribution:
the BnF provides content and coordinates the working group “Dissemination & networking”. It also provides legal and metadata expertise.

Europeana Newspapers

Logo du projet Europeana Newspapers
Schedule: February 2012 - March 2015

Objective: facilitate public access to daily European press articles with a target of 29 million newspaper pages that can be consulted via Europeana. This project focuses on optimising the automatic recognition of newspaper articles and on the semantic enrichment of metadata related to this content (layout, regional version newspapers, change of name of newspaper, publishers, presence of images, photographs, drawings, pictures, graphics, editorial content, news flash, advertising, adverts serials, etc.).

Pilot and partners : the project has 17 partners (including 9 national libraries, 3 university libraries, 2 regional libraries, 1 university laboratory for information management, 1 document management trading company (Content Conversion Specialists) and the Ligue des bibliothèques de recherche européennes (LIBER) coordinated by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

BnF's contribution: it will provide 3 million pages from its collection of dailies; headlines will be selected in an innovative manner: the recognition of named entities (it entails singling out names of places, people and institutions from a text).

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