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Some of the bibliographic services and products supplied by the BnF make it possible to download bibliographic and authority records in INTERMARC, i.e., in the format in which the BnF creates its data in the catalogue général de la BnF:

INTERMARC Bibliographic: List of fields

version 9, December 2008

Types of the records in which bibliographic data is supplied :
MON : Autonomous record for a monograph ; ANL : Analytical sub-record ; ENS : Record for a multi-volume monograph ; REC : Record for a collection ; PER : Record for a periodical ; COL : Record for a serie ; HIS : Record for historical information about a serial (mergings, splittings, etc.) ; SPE : Record for a performance.

Types of materials for which bibliographic data is supplied :
IMP: Printed text ; SON: Sound recording ; IA: Moving image ; MM: Multimedia kit ; INF: Electronic resource ; IF: Still image ; CP: cartographic resources ; MUS: Music ; MSM: Modern manuscript and archival item ; OBJ: Object ; SPE: Performance.

Fixed-length fields


Other coded information

Management of analytical records

Coded information subfields

Main entry headings

Descriptive information


Bibliographic links

Transcription fields

Indexing fields

Secondary headings

Commercial headings

Secondary title headings

Bibliographic links among serials

Other identifiers

Local information


Thursday, May 12, 2011

To be noted

Versions 2002 of authorities format and bibliographic format are still online. If you cannot open the document, right click on the link and choose "Save Target [Link] As ..." Then, choose where to save the document on your hard disk, and click "Save."