“Profession Culture”

Every year, the BnF hosts foreign culture professionals as part of the “Profession Culture” programme. During a stay of one to three months, residents devote themselves to the study of a theme, a collection or a project closely related to the library’s activities accompanied by a tutor.

The programme “Profession Culture”

“Profession Culture” is a residency programme in France for foreign professionals working in the culture field in their respective countries. It was launched in 2003 by the Ministry of Culture, which made it a priority in terms of international action. It is implemented by French public cultural institutions under the supervision of the Ministry.

The motto of this programme is reciprocity of exchange. It is intended for cultural professionals in order to provide them an in-depth experience of French cultural practices. This programme aims at fostering the establishment of sustainable exchange networks between French public institutions and their international counterparts, and more broadly, to develop cultural relations between countries. On return to their home countries, each of the residents will have optimised its know-how, its knowledge, and will have built up a network of French correspondents.

Participation to this programme is subject to selection. A call for applications takes place once a year, on the basis of a calendar established by the Ministry of Culture. The call is announced on our website where practical information and relevant the form are made available to candidates.

BnF’s residents in 2018

Ms Namou Sane Haidara, archivist researcher in charge of libraries and manuscripts, digital and physical conservation of manuscripts for the Ministry of Culture, Cultural Mission of Timbuktu, Mali.
  • Subject: study of the conservation techniques and restoration of ancient manuscripts of Mali preserved at the BnF and Bamako.
  • Host department: Department for preservation, Services and Networks Directorate
Ms Sonja Ivanovic, librarian in charge of publication exchange and international cooperation at the Matica Srpska Library, Serbia.

  • Topic: study of the collection content and of the functioning of the Slavic department of the BnF, in particular the Balkans and the former Yugoslavia.
  • Host department: Literature and art department, Collections Directorate
Ms Angela Maria Monteiro Bettencourt, coordinateur of the digitised library, National Library of Brazil.
  • Topic : development and et enrichisment of the website France-Brazil for integration for integration into the Shared Heritage collection (collection « Patrimoines partagés »)
  • Host department: Literature and art department, Collections Directorate
Mr Makhone Toure, curator of Archives, Head of the Contemporary Archives Division at the National Archives of Senegal.
  • Subject: continuation of the 2017 internship with a focus on the material and intellectual preservation of the colonial press published in French West Africa and preserved in Paris and Dakar.
  • Host department: Collections Directorate

BnF’s residents in 2017

Mr Gaétan SOME, Head of the 35 mm / 16 mm Film Scanner and Calibration Unit at the Imagine Institute of Burkina Faso.
  • Topic: safeguarding audiovisual heritage. His residency is part of the collaboration scheme between the BnF and the International Organisation of the Francophonie around the project “Digital Capital”
  • Host department: Audiovisual Department, Collections Directorate
Mr Makhone TOURE, Archives curator, Head of the Contemporary Archives Division and Head of the Research Department at the National Archives of Senegal.
  • Topic: Preservation of the colonial press published in French West Africa (AOF) preserved in Paris. The objective was to draw up a cross inventory of the collections of the AOF press kept at the National Archives of Senegal and at the BnF, with the dual perspective of the completeness of both collections and creation of a digital portal of the National Archives of Senegal. A second objective consisted in selecting resources available in Gallica to enrich the Francophone Digital Library.
  • Host Department: Scientific and Technical Affairs Coordination Mission, Collections Directorate

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