Participate in the "Profession Culture" programme at the BnF

2016 calendar

The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 November 2015. Candidates will be selected in December.

Presentation and objectives

"Profession Culture" is a programme in France hosting foreign professionals working in the field of culture in their respective countries. It was initiated in 2003 by the Ministry for Culture and Communication (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication), which has made it a priority of its international action policy.

It is implemented by French public cultural institutions under the tutelage of the Ministry. The "Profession Culture" programme welcomes professionals from other countries over long periods in France . Its watchword is the reciprocity of exchanges and it is intended for culture professionals in order to give them in-depth experience of French cultural practices.

This programme is intended to encourage the creation of sustainable exchange networks between French public institutions and their international counterparts, and more broadly, to develop cultural relations between countries of origin and France. Most often, the hosting of a professionnal-in residence is the first crucial step in the partnership between the BNF and another foreign institution.

When they return to their country, each resident should have improved his skills, knowledge, and will set up a network of French correspondents.

Who can apply?

The programme is intended for all professionals, preferably linked to an institution, whose research or study topic is related to the collections and services of the BNF, its scientific work, cultural programmes, modes of management and development projects.

A project

"Professionnals-in-residence" must propose a concrete project based on the exchange of knowledge and skills in the defined framework, and whose result can contribute to strengthen cultural ties between the Library and the country of origin.

The following main elements which all relate to the reciprocity of exchanges are considered when selecting residents:
  • Interest in the departments of the BnF;
  • the potential impact of the artist-in-residence's work once he returns to his country of origin and his proposals made (publications, events etc.);
  • if the candidate is a member of an institution with which the BNF has or plans to cooperate with;
  • if the candidate is from a country which is a priority in the foreign policy of France and the BNF.

Conditions of stay

Stays last from 1 to 3 months.

The professionnal-in-residence is received in a department of the BNF and supervised by a "tutor", who is a specialist in the field concerned.

Accommodation is provided by the BnF at the Centre international d’accueil et d’échanges des Récollets.

A subsistence allowance is allocated by the Ministry for Culture and Communication (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication).

Transportation costs are borne by the candidates; they may be sponsored by their institution or receive any other form of assistance.

Selection process of applicants

The selection of professionnals-in-residence is a careful and painstaking process. In order to guarantee that the Programme receives original projects, the BnF prefers candidates who propose their own research topics.

Application file

It should include:
  • name and age of the applicant, training, indication of the working languages and the level of French, career, current position;
  • the project: convincing presentation of the research topic proposed by the applicant to be carried out during his stay in the BNF (minimum 20 lines);
  • envisaged forms of deliverables (publication, actions, production etc.), which will be recorded at the end of the stay in a written communication;
  • indication of the intended period of stay.


The cultural services of France Embassies receive information on the "Profession Culture" programme, disseminate it to concerned professional institutions, collect applications and conduct an initial review of files. Applications can be sent directly to the Bibliothèque, or be requested by it.

Applications are sent to the Delegation for International Relations (délégation aux Relations internationales). It completes the review by collecting additional information. It contextualises the file according to the relationship between the BNF and the institution or the country of origin of applicants.

Application files are then sent to the directions and departments concerned. They assess the study proposed by the applicant or his establishment on the basis of their interest in the topic, their availability and their skills.

A committee comprising the Ministry for Culture and Communication (ministère de la Culture et de la communication), the BNF's management with representatives of the Department of Collections (direction des Collections) Department of Services and Networks (direction des Services et réseaux), the Delegation for International Relations(délégation aux Relations internationales) review the examined files and select candidates who are then called "professionnals-in-residence".

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