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International PAC/IFLA program

International PAC/IFLA program: history and operation

The IFLA (PAC) “Preservation and Conservation” core program has one essential objective: to ensure that library materials, whether published or unpublished, and irrespective of their medium, are preserved and accessible for as long as possible. Within a framework of international cooperation, it is intended to inform, train, and raise awareness among library staff. To this end, it publishes a journal, International Preservation News, distributed free of charge worldwide, and, in particular, runs training courses.

The “Preservation and Conservation” core program was established at the IFLA conference in Nairobi in 1984 and became effective in 1986. Since 1992, PAC has had its headquarters at BnF in Paris.

PAC is one of IFLA’s core programs. It differs from other programs by virtue of its network-based structure.

It currently consists of an International Center based at BnF in Paris and regional centers, each of which is responsible for a geographical area:

The International Center establishes the program’s general policy and coordinates the activities of regional centers.

Each regional center is autonomous in respect of activities undertaken within its region, and cooperates with other centers in respect of activities which are of general interest. Each center organizes its activities around an area of excellence, with examples being permanent paper for Japan, digitization for Australia, and training for Russia.

The PAC director meets together with all regional center directors at least once a year, usually at the IFLA conference, to set out the major areas of focus around which the program’s activities are organized.

PAC runs various activities to raise awareness of the issue of preservation of documentary heritage. In order to successfully conduct these activities and make the best use of its human and financial resources, it works in cooperation with all the relevant structures within IFLA, and in particular the Preservation and Conservation Section, as well as numerous institutions, associations, and non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations like UNESCO, the ICA (International Council on Archives), the ECPA (European Commission on Preservation and Access), the CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources) and the ICBS (International Committee of the Blue Shield).

Every year, PAC publishes an activity report:

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