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International PAC/IFLA program

International PAC/IFLA program: publications

PAC publishes a journal and reference works to inform, train, and raise awareness among library staff and organizations with a heritage preservation role in the preservation of documents and objects for which they are responsible.

International Preservation News (IPN)

Three times a year, PAC publishes International Preservation News, a journal in English, French, and Spanish that brings together technical and theoretical information aimed at encouraging preservation activities and new initiatives around the world.

The IPN journal has a print run of 3,000 copies and is distributed free of charge by regional centers within their geographical areas. All subscription requests should be sent direct to the regional center covering the relevant geographical area.

International Preservation Issues (IPI)

The International Preservation Issues (IPI) collection includes research, surveys, and fundamental principles that supplement articles published in IPN.


Photography in Latin America and the Caribbean

This trilingual CD-ROM (in Spanish, French, and English) includes approximately 3,000 19th century photographs from among those that best represent the history and social evolution of around ten Latin American countries. It was produced at the initiative of PAC as part of a campaign to back up photography collections launched in Latin America.

The International Council on Archives and UNESCO provided input and support for this backup project. Available from the International Center.

Preventive preservation of documentary heritage

This CD-ROM was produced in 1999 by the PAC program in conjunction with the research and technology mission of the Ministry of Culture (Ministère de la Culture) within the framework of UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” program.

Published in a bilingual French and English version, it includes both text and illustrations as well as providing direct access to a large number of websites on the subject of preservation.

Available on request or online: French version; English version.

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