International residencies and internships

The Bibliothèque nationale de France widens its offers of residencies for professionals and researchers from other countries. Several options are available.

Group internships

Group internships

The BnF offers group internships on themes connected to its areas of expertise. The most recent have been in the fields of conservation, public services and new technologies.

These internships are intended to experienced professionals from national libraries or major research libraries.

Individual training

The BnF considers each case separetely, according to the availability of the services demanded for a limited number of requests for individual internships from professionals abroad.

Residency criteria:
  • fair knowledge of French;
  • development of expertise directly connected to the missions of national libraries.
Requests must be made in form of a dossier containing:

  • a letter from the institution in which the intern is attached to, stating the aims and expected results of the internship;
  • a covering letter from the applicant describing the technical aspects to be studied and the convenient dates.

Internships are free of charge, but the interns must bear transport, accommodation and insurance expenses. In cases of acceptation of the application, an agreement has to be signed between the BnF and the institution in which the intern belongs to.

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