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Cultural cooperation

For a few years, cooperation has been strengthened between the Bibliothèque nationale de France and agreed partner libraries, focusing on the enhancement of collections and cultural action.

In addition to its sustained efforts over the past few years to offer genuine visibility to heritage collections held by French libraries, BnF helps promote heritage collections by supporting the organization of exhibitions, cultural events, and professional conferences.

 First partnership measures encompass:

  • the exhibition « Bande dessinée » with the Angoulême National Center of Comics (Centre national de la Bande dessinée), in 2000
  • the exhibition « Bestiaire du Moyen-Age »with Troyes district library, in 2004
  • the exhibition « Cassandre » with Chaumont partner library, in 2005
  • and the exhibition « La mer, terreur et fascination  », coproduced by Brest partner library in 2004/2005
  • a series of exhibitions about the Arthurian legend was also an opportunity of cooperation between the Bibliothèque nationale de France and two partner libraries: the Rennes Métropole Library that initiated the exhibition « Arthur de Bretagne, roi passé, roi futur » (July 2008 - period od the 22nd congress of the Arthurian society - January 2009) and the multimedia library of Troyes and its suburbs.

Thursday, April 14, 2011