Preserving collections so that they can be accessed and passed on to future generations is one of BnF’s key roles; to this end, BnF applies a preservation policy that is both preventive and curative.
The Preservation Services Department also works for outside professionals in the information and culture fields, offering a variety of services that include training, making available the skills of its experts and laboratories, and taking part in national work and international programs in the area of preservation.
  • Preservation at BnF The preservation policy applied by the library, the activities of the laboratory, and preservation at the various BnF sites.
  • Emergency plan A range of information on the implementation and smooth running of an emergency plan to back up collections in the event of an incident.
  • Preservation and expertise The Preservation Department offers services that are accessible to libraries and archive centers: conservation, disinfection, desacidification and analysis.
  • Practical information sheets Practical tips on prevention, preservation, restoration, and biological assessment of documents.
  • Training The training unit offers courses and training in preventive preservation and putting in place an emergency plan.
  • IFLA PAC programme (Preservation and Conservation)

Friday, November 13, 2015


BnF Preservation Charter [fichier .pdf – 317 Ko – 13/11/15 – 16 p.] 2014 version

Appended document comprising priority actions [fichier .pdf – 86 Ko – 11/07/16 – 2 p.]