Preservation: expertise and services

The National library of France offers preservation services related to its production activities to external institutions, libraries and archives.

For restoration, disinfection, deacidification and analysis services, the transportation, documents insurance and travel expenses are to be borne by the applicant.

Expertise in preservation

Experts from the BnF Preservation Department are available to provide assistance and advice to professionals, in their field of expertise: micrographics, digitisation, binding, restoration, environmental control, mold infestation or disaster management, control of preservation equipment etc.

Expertise services on site:
Daily rate: 320 euros + VAT per day and per person
Half-day rate: 160 euros + VAT per person
Additional costs : travel and mission expenses (based on rates applied by the public service).
This service includes the production of an appraisal report.

By exception, emergency expertise services following a major disaster are free of charge except for transportation cost.


Media transfer

  • Micrographics/Film reproduction
    Elvire Setruk-Molho
    Bernard Dulac
  • Digitisation
    - Organisation and technical aspects
    Dominique Maillet
    - Digital equipment
    Dominique Maillet
    Elvire Setruk-Molho
    - Preservation of digital data :
    Stéphane Reecht
    Laurent Duplouy

Binding and preservation materials

  • Implementation of contracts for mechanised binding, quality handcraft, thumbmounting.
  • Preservation equipment and supplies
  • Technical expertise for bindings, preservation equipment and enclosures.

Jean-Loup Fossard


  • Implementation of contracts for restoration treatments
  • Implementation of schedules of conditions
  • Technical expertise of collections
  • Assessment of deteriorations, proposals of treatments
  • Collection care and preservation treatments

Isabelle Bonnard

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Restoration services

Microbiological analysis

  • Analysis in organic and inorganic chemistry
    - Stéphane Bouvet
    - Nathalie Buisson
  • Biological analysis / Environmental control
    Caroline Laffont
  • Curative treatment (disinfection)
    Valentin Rottier
  • Deacidification
    - Annie Bonnaud
    - Alain Lefebvre


  • Organisation of individual and collective preservation workshops (initiation and proficiency courses)
David Moyal
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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