Preservation: expertise and services

The National library of France offers preservation services related to its production activities to external institutions, libraries and archives.

For restoration, disinfection, deacidification and analysis services, the transportation, documents insurance and travel expenses are to be borne by the applicant.

Preservation and expertise: disinfection

For collections infested by insects, molds or bacteria, the Disinfection Unit of the Bussy-Saint-Georges Technical Center (Unité de désinfection du Centre technique de Bussy-Saint-Georges) offers ethylene oxide based disinfection.

Processing control

The three steps process is monitored by the laboratory from beginning to end.

  • The documents are kept in a pre-conditioned environment (20°C – 60%) for at least three days.
  • They are treated with a solution combining ethylene oxide with an inerting gas (CO2).
    • Contact length: 7 hours
    • Concentration: about 650 mg/l
    • Process temperature: 25°C
  • Two steps desorption of residual ethylene oxide
    • At least 10 rinse cycles under vacuum;
    • then, at least two weeks in the desorption room (20°C, 50%).

The whole process implies that the collections should not be moved for approximately one month. The scheduled return date can be given when the document is delivered.
Important to know: the documents should not have been formerly treated with chlorinated insecticide components such as mothballs.

The cost of processing is 270 euros + VAT per square meter.
(This rate does not include transportation and insurance).

The Bussy-Saint-Georges Technical Center rigorously respects a detailed processing protocol and treats all collections with the greatest care. However, in no case, BnF can assume liability for incidents occurring during the different phases of the disinfection process.

Acceptance of this protocol releases BnF from any liability concerning possible damage to the materials through the protocol's implementation.

On acceptance of these terms, please complete the order form :


le formulaire de demande de désinfection [fichier .rtf – 16 Ko – 14/10/09 – 1 p.]

And return it, signed after the written words « Acknowledged, accepted and agreed, » to:

  • Service technique de Bussy-Saint-Georges
    Unité de désinfection
    14, av. Gutenberg
    77607 Bussy-Saint-Georges cedex 03
    Courriel :

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