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Profession Culture: the 2013 professionnals-in-residence of the BnF

Nicolas Rucks, Argentine

Research subject: BnF's digitisation practices: digital library, long-term preservation, research/consultation interfaces

Nicolas Rucks

Nicolas Rucks

Nicolas Rucks is a librarian in charge of digital library projects at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the Fondacion Instituto Leloir.

The first phase of his stay is dedicated to the discovery of the general context of the digital chain at the BNF and different management practices (selection of documents, metadata, preparation for digitisation, search interface). The second phase covers ePub3 format eBooks and this is in line with the enhancement of the heritage content of the establishment. This prospective work is based on: analysis of the current library's offer in digital books, the study of changes and improvements of the ePub3 standard (regarding the context of the BnF's digital library) and transition proposals from ePub2 to ePub3 format.

The goal is to understand the techniques, skills and criteria of the BnF in order to adapt and apply them in Argentinian institutions involved in the same type of projects.

Fiorella Sasanelli, Italie

Research subject: Raoul Pugno (1852-1914), the religion of music and the piano: general analytical inventory

Fiorella Sasanelli

Fiorella Sasanelli

Fiorella Sasanelli is a pianist, musicologist and professor of deciphering at the conservatoire Niccolò Piccinni in Bari. During the last five years, she has worked on the collections of the Music Department of the BNF to write her doctoral thesis, which she defended in 2011 at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) of Paris.

Her research subject is a continuation of this work. It relies on the funds of the Department of Music. For her, it entails drawing up a general analytical inventory of all documents relating to Raoul Pugno such as his manuscripts, publications of the pianist, documents related to his personality and activities. This project will culminate in the publication of a monograph.

Gülgün Yazici, Turquie

Research subject: The systematic classification of poetry collections in old Turkish

Gülgün Yazici

Gülgün Yazici

Gülgün Yazici is senior lecturer at the University of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart, Faculty of Science and Literature, Department of Turkish literature and languages.

As part of the internship, she is identifying collections known under the name of "Mecmua" (text in verse) within the collections of the Department of Manuscripts. Their content is determined and described according to various criteria (dates, names of poets, versification of poetry, names of compilers etc.) The purpose of this work is to put together a reference document for researchers.

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