The Bibliothèque nationale de France Catalogue Général

The BnF General Catalogue is the online catalogue containing the majority of references and documents conserved on all BnF sites. 



Contents of the catalogue général

  • Books and periodicals kept in the storage and on the shelves 
  • Documents in audio format (78 rpm recordings, phonograph records, compact discs, and audio cassettes), video format  (videotapes and videodiscs), multimedia and electronic formats (CD-ROMS, DVD-ROMS, video games etc.)
  • A portion of the modern manuscripts and archive documents (brochures, programs, screenplays, press clippings, typescripts, correspondences, letters, autographs) on performing arts and music (theater, cinema, opera, ballet etc.) from the Richelieu Library. 
  • Iconographic documents: prints, photographs, posters etc.
  • Cartographic documents: atlases, maps, plans, globes etc.
  • Objects: brass, carved wood, lithographic stones, fabrics etc.
  • Printed  and handwritten sheet music
  • Coins
  • Documents digitized by the BnF
  • Microfiches and microfilms
  • Electronic periodicals with a printed version owned by the BnF

The BnF Catalogue général does not contain the following references:

  • Most of the manuscripts and archival collections. Some manuscripts and archival collections are mentioned in the BnF online catalog for archives and manuscripts; some manuscript catalogs have been digitized. 
  • Medals and antiques; some of these objects are mentioned in the BnF catalog of medals and antiques,
  • Most of the non-Latin books which records have not been transliterated into Latin letters (the @sign in a record replaces non-Latin letters) and which catalogs have been digitized
  • Some microfilms and microfiches (theses works)
  • CD-ROMS and online databases subscribed to by the BnF and consultable in reading rooms


A part of the BnF collections is not yet recorded in computerized catalogs