The Research Pass

The research pass is open to researchers, students and any person conducting research. It gives access to all the BnF collections (40 million documents) and to all theResearch Libraries’ Research rooms located on 5 different sites:
  • Rez-de-jardin of the François-Mitterrand Library (over 1200 seats),
  • Richelieu Library (Manuscripts, Prints and Photography, Performing Arts, Coins, Medals and Antiques, Music, Maps),
  • Arsenal Library,
  • Opéra libraries (Music)
With the Yearly unlimited research pass, enjoy the BnF in all its richness for €55 a year (€35 for -26 years visitors and -35 years students)!


3 passes to choose from

  • 1-Day research pass
  • 5-Day research pass (consecutive or not)

These two passes grant you free circulation during your day in all reading rooms of the Research Library as well as on all our sites. 

  • Unlimited Research Pas

This pass additionally grants you free access to the Library (Haut-de-jardin) reading rooms (François-Mitterrand site), exhibitions, and events at the BnF.
The research pass can be completed by access/passes to partner libraries of INHA (National Institute for Art History), Ina (National Audiovisual Institute), and CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image) upon specific research justificatory documents.

The 3 passes are valid for one year from their delivery date. They are strictly personal.


  • 1-Day research pass : 6 €
  • 5-Day research pass jours : 24 €
  • Yearly unlimited research pass : 55 € (full fare) / 35 € (reduced fare)

You can benefit from a minimum discount of 15% for the purchase of more than 20 research passes. Your request must be sent in advance to the following address:

For whom/Terms of use

Access and admission prices

  • You have to be over 18 years old.
  • You need to show proof that you are conducting academic, professional or personal research work.

The consultation of Heritage collections is chiefly meant for extended, long-term research. It can also respond to short-term research, especially in case of not being able to find a document in other libraries.

Third-year undergraduate student, master and postgraduate students, higher education teachers and researchers may register directly online or onsite at the Inscription desk. They will need to provide justificatory documents (see below) upon retrieving their pass.

BA level students or any person with a personnal or professional research project may get a Research pass upon presentation of justificatory documents (see below) presented during an interview with the Inscription Service at the François-Mitterrand or Richelieu libraries.

Attention! The inscription Service closes at 7 pm. No accreditation can be delivered past this time.

Required documents

For everybody

A valid piece of ID (with a photograph):

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Residency permit
  • Resident card
  • Driving license

For university and professional research

Required documents
StatuS documents
  • Higher education professors
  • Researchers from public or private establishments
  • Grandes écoles and preparatory classes professors
  • Professional card
  • or work contract
  • or an introduction letter from a university or research institute
  • Capes and agrégation students
  • Valid student card or certificate of exam registration
  • Doctoral students
  • Master 1 and 2 students
  • Third-year undergraduate student
  • Grandes écoles students
  • Engineering schools students
  • Valid student card or school certificate
  • or certification by a research supervisor
  • Bachelor students (year 1, 2 and 3)
  • Students with an equivalent study level
  • Valid student card or school certificate
  • bibliography indicating the documents to consult
  • Professional research
  • Employer letter confirming the applicant’s occupation
  • or professional card
  • List of the documents to consult at the BnF

Carte pro

This card is aimed exclusively at companies and private or public organizations, including one man-businesses, independent workers and artisans. It offers yearly access and specific services and is obtained by mail only. Contact :

Buying a pass

Fort first-time purchases and renewals, you can get your research pass (1-Day, 5-Day, unlimited):

  • On-site (Richelieu, François-Mitterrand and Arsenal libraries). At Arsenal library, purchases can only be made by credit card. 
  • Online with a credit card

Passes must be retrieved at the greeting desks by the holder upon presentation of supporting documents. It is personal and cannot be let.

Personalized services

If you want to get to know the Library and navigate the spaces or know which offer is better suited to you, your research or expectations, we offer a bespoke service for everyone including non-ticket holders. You can access the service:

  • By making an online appointment and selecting a 30-minute slot
  • Without appointment at the Inscription Service at the François-Mitterrand or Richelieu Library

Electronic ressources

The BnF has a great number of electronic resources at your disposal, do not hesitate to use them. With your unlimited Research Pass, some of these resources are also accessible online.

Our digitized library Gallica allows you to consult many documents, on-site and online.