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For legal and conservation reasons, the collections are under certain restrictions of reproduction. Any reproduction of a document is under the current legislation and the convention with the French Centre of Use of Copies (Centre français d’exploitation du droit de copie, CFC) : less than 10% of a book and less than 30% of a periodical.

Extension of the law to photography

The BnF extends digital photography to documents under copyright in all our reading rooms. This change, made possible by the evolution of legislation, facilitates study and research work.



Public and Research Library (all sites)

Digitization tents - BnF

BnF readers are allowed to take free pictures of documents in our collections with their personal equipment. These photos are restricted only to private use.

It is allowed to take pictures of computer screens in all reading rooms, except for some documents protected by intellectual property rights in the research library.

For fragile documents, the librarian might have to change conditions for a photoshoot.

Digitization tents are available in all reading rooms of the research library and the general public library. They allow common formats to be digitized in suitable lighting conditions. Readers must use their own reproduction devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.). Some documents cannot be photographed for legal reasons, in particular unpublished documents. Please contact the book delivery desk for further information.


Public Library (Haut-de-jardin level) of the François-Mitterrand site

All documents freely available in the Public Library may be reproduced, except theses on microfiches and certain documents of the PRISME ressource centre (Pôle de Ressources et d’Information Sur le Monde de l’Entreprise).

For the reproduction of printed documents in the reading rooms, readers are invited to photograph the pages they need in the reading room and start their impression through their virtual account via the sedeco portal, without taking the documents out of the room. 

The photocopiers are free of access in the east hall and the west hall, and at the Richelieu library. You may pay via your virtual account or by card.

Sedeco card vending machines:

  • François-Mitterand site, east hall (public library) and Club des lois (research library)
  • Richelieu, cloak room level -1

Printing on computers

You can print or download digitised data on a computer in the reading rooms, under the restrictions of copyright and exclusively for private use. Documents of the digitized legal deposit (internet archives) are not allowed to be printed or downloaded.
You have to pay printings with SEDECO payment cards or via your virtual account. Downloading is free onall computers equipped with a USB slot.



Photocopies, reproductions of microforms and printings have to be paid through you virtual account or with a SEDECO card. The card, valid for one year, costs 2 €.

Microforms reproductions are free.

Tarifs des photocopies et impressions
  Size A4 size A3
0,15 €
0,30 €


0,30 €
0,60 €
0,15 €


Reproduction OF documents For a high resolution reproduction for a professional project, either personal or for research, please ask the Department of reproductions which disposes  of high-tech material.
on demand printing services Choose, print and take you favorite images in the collections of the library home with you.