2nd international ISNI Summit for Libraries, 26th-27th June, 2019, BnF

Organized by the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the British Library, the 2nd international ISNI Summit for Libraries attracted 36 participants among which representatives from 17 worldwide national and research libraries as well as a representative from both the ISNI International Agency and OCLC.

Libraries have been strongly involved in ISNI since its creation. The BnF and the BL take part to the ISNI International Board. Libraries constitute half of the ISNI membership (Members and RAGs) and are key data providers for assigning new ISNIs and keeping them updated. They also play a decisive role within the ISNI Quality Team composed of experts from the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the British Library.

Through plenary sessions and break-out sessions, the participants shared their experiences of ISNI implementations, the difficulties encountered and the various services related to ISNIs they are developing with the book-supply chain and the cultural industry.

Aware of the necessity to strengthen the different communities within ISNI, participants also discussed how to improve the libraries representation into the ISNI.

This Summit led to the creation of an ISNI Consultation Group for Libraries led by a Steering Group in charge of drafting the Consultation Group Terms of Reference and an Action plan.

Outcome of the Summit: Final Statement for the creation of an ISNI Consultation Group for Libraries

Download Final Statement [pdf file]


Day 1 Libraries and ISNI, ISNI and libraries: challenges and opportunities

Plenary session

Break-out session 1 - I want to make my data more easily usable by ISNI [pdf file]

Break-out session 2 - I want to build services on ISNIs, ISNIs on library workflows [pdf file]

Day 2 ISNI Governance for libraries, libraries role in ISNI governance

Plenary session

Break-out session 3 - How to improve libraries’ representation in the ISNI governance? [pdf file]