Giving from Abroad

You can support the Bibliothèque Nationale de France from abroad and benefit from fiscal advantages.

From the United States

Sacramentaire dit de Drogon, 845-855
The American Friends of the National Library of France funds were established in March 2018. 
Through the 501 (c) (3) status, you can make a secure and deductible donation from the United States to the BnF. The structure is hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation US.
The American patrons of the BnF have joined forces on 3 major projects: 
  • The revival of the Richelieu Library, the historical heart of the BnF 
  • The restoration and/or digitization of ancient manuscripts 
  • The publication of a book in English on the treasures of the BnF 

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From Europe

The Bibliothèque nationale de France is accredited by the Fondation de France and thus benefits from Transnational Giving Europe (TGE). The TGE network allows donors, whether individuals or corporate taxpayers from one of the member states to support the BnF while enjoying the fiscal advantages of their country of residence.
TGE can receive donations from Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. 


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