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The SINDBAD service (Service d’Information Des Bibliothécaires A Distance) provides free document references on all topics and factual information (facts, figures, dates).

If you are looking for a document or practical information regarding the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the online chat (from 1PM to 5PM) will give you the quick answer you need. 


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SINDBAD in a few words 

SINBAD is a free service and the information it provides is not meant for commercial use.
Regular requests can take up to 2 hours. You will be provided with a quick bibliography containing up to 15 references.
SINDBAD does not treat the following requests:
  • In-depth bibliographies
  • Expertise and financial quotes
  • Law-related and medical consultations
  • Press documents
  • Market analyses
  • Assisting with school assignments 

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A selection of questions and answers processed by SINBAD is regularly updated in the BnF knowledge base. You can search by theme or look for a precise topic. The BNF knowledge base is hosted on the Question Point website, a collaborative software which supports questions and answers. 

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