Room B – Press and Media

The room offers free access to about 400 political press and general information print titles.  All continents are represented, with special emphasis on Europe and French-speaking countries.  

The French press collection comprises all national daily newspapers, most of the regional titles and a large selection of weekly and monthly publications covering a wide range of opinions and subjects. Daily print titles are accessible for three months and magazines are kept for one year. 
Some professional press titles (La Correspondance de la Presse, Le Bulletin Quotidien, Medias etc.) and books on press and journalisme complete the offer. 


  • Academic and professional press on journalism and press

  • Magazines, repertoires, dictionaries

  • Journalism

  • Books on journalistic practice and learning, journalistic techniques, debates and issues about the journalistic profession, documents for the preparation of journalism schools’ entrance exams. 

  • Press photography, press illustration 

  • Documents on photojournalism festivals, photographic reporting, war reporting, monographs on famous photographers, collections of press illustrations by subjectand by press cartoonist, drawn reports. 

  • Freedom of the press

  • The complete history of the press in France

  • Press in the world 

  • State of the press in the world, freedom of the press in the world, history of the press in various geographical areas in the world

  • General Informations

  • Collection of reference documents (French and language dictionaries, repertoires, atlases etc.)

Services Offered

  • Help with documentary research, paper and electronic collections regarding the study of press and media 
  • A lounge room for magazine reading 
  • A space dedicated to the digitization and reproduction of documents on paper (books and magazines) 
  • Access to INA resources with a selection of archives on the study of the press, 11 French and international  TV information channels, 5 radio information channels which may be consulted over a rolling 100 day period. 
  • Access to the AFP database, featuring information threads, AFP photographies, videos, and archives. 
  • Press and media portal on the room’s current news and news about journalism
  • Access to PressReader, a digital press newsstand 
  • Access to the main press bases: Factiva, Europresse, Generalis Indexpresse
  • Access to online journals: Mediapart, Arrêt sur Images 
  • News presentation  and thematic exhibitions on the press
  • Thematic bibliographies on the press  

Noteworthy Collections

  • Photo reporting catalogs
  • Drawn reporting albums and press-related graphic novels
  • Music media reviews
  • Selection of books for the preparation of schools of journalism exams