Room D – Law, Economics, Politics

Room D offers specialized collections in Law, Political Science, Economics and Management and seats 251 people on two levels.  

It also houses two original documentary ensembles, the Resource Centre on the European Union and the Centre of Resource and Information on the Business World (Pôle de ressources et  d’information sur le monde de l’entreprise (PRISME)), as well as specific services such as trainings on legal databases.  


Core collections focus on Law, Economics, and Politics. Room D also houses vast collections of official publications, a resource centre dedicated to the European Union and PRISME, a resource and information center on the business world. 
  • Law:

The most updated documentation on French Law subjects is available, as well as a collection on international and European Law. More than 300 magazines, mostly French, are available. A selection of practical law was specially designed for addressing daily issues. 

  • Economics/Management:

A recent selection gathers essentially French documentation complete with some documentation in English or other commun foreign languages. You may consult the classics on economic thought as well as recent studies, research and books on the economic and social current climate, the evolution of the global Economy, financial and international Economy and on Management and Accounting. 

  • Political Science:

The collection covers all themes related to this topic: the history of political ideas, political and administrative institutions, public policy, political situation, international relations since 1945, political sociology, strategy, and defense politics. 

  • Official publications:

Institutional, administrative and statistical publications: all indispensable resources to understand today’s world. Available on paper, they gather in room D the French, foreign and intergovernmental official publications, including the European Union. 

  • General

A collection of basic documents (French, foreign languages and historic dictionaries, atlases etc.) to complete the resources on law, economics, political science, and a selection of general knowledge magazines. 

Services offered 

  • [Unavailable until further notice] Quick legal database training every Tuesday at 1:30 PM in the group room to learn the essentials on four databases: Dalloz, Lamyline, Lexis360, Navis (éditions Francis Lefebvre) 
  • Reproduction of paper documents and microforms
  • The ‘Thursday Demo’ on documentary resources for job hunting and business creation by the PRISME team every Thursday at 11 AM (in the Aquarium, Eastern Hall)
  • Help with documentary research and on how to use paper and electronic collections
  • Access to the main legal databases: Dalloz, Lamyline, Lexis360, Xerfi, Business Source Complete, Euromonitor, Delphes
  • [Closed until further notice] Group room (6 people)
  • Link to bibliographies and other downloadable documents 

Noteworthy collections 

  • Collection of books on exam preparation 
  • Theses works on microfiches
  • Official publications (microfiches): Journal officiel, Bulletin des lois, Bulletin des arrêts de la cour de cassation 
  • [Unavailable until further notice] Communication of French newspapers (microfilms) kept at the Research Library 
  • The Europe resource centre gather the essential sources of information and current news on the workings of the EU 
  • The Pôle de ressources et d’information sur le monde de l’entreprise (PRISME) gathers a documentary collection (paper and digital) for professional use such as market studies, information on societies, professional press, and practical documents for job seekers and business creators.