Room E – Bibliographical Research

The collections of Room E are dedicated to Bibliograhic Research, to Book History, to Publishing and to Library Science. Our Librairians are available to help and to orientate you to more specific collections suitable for your research. Room E accomodates 56 seats.


  • Collections dedicated to bibliographical research and reference research, composed of French and foreign encyclopediae, language dictionaries, bibliographies, and reference books on the essentials to start your research and orientation at the BnF
  • Collections on Book history, Library Science: about 2,700 documents
The collections on Library Science cover the following subjects : 
  • Information Science
  • Library Science
  • Libraries
  • BnF Centre
  • Press
  • Publishing, Bookstores: current news
  • Reading
  • Children’s books
  • Writing 
  • Book crafts
  • Comics 
  • Illustrated books 

Services offered

  • Documentary research assistance, finding your way in the BnF collections, guidance on the good use of paper and electronic collections
  • Numerous computer stations available for readers
  • Audiovisual stations 
  • 2 cabins for visually impaired users
  • Link to bibliographies and other downloadable documents 

Noteworthy Collections 

  • Que sais-je ?
  • Biographical dictionaries 
  • BnF exhibition Catalogs


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