Room J – Philosophy, History, Human Sciences

Room J offers about  60,000 volumes and presents fundamental texts and essential periodicals in human sciences, mainly in French or translated into French, but also in English. 
The room has two levels and seats 270 people. It also has an 8-seat group room, four audiovisual stations, 15 computer stations, one video-enlarger, two microfiche readers, two microfilm readers and 1 scanner and a photocopying machine. 



  • History, Geography, Prehistory, Genealogy: there are 23,000 volumes on History and 4,000 geographical maps. The main fields represented are History and Geography of France and Europe. 
  • Archaeology, Paleography, Epigraphy, Numismatics: a selection of documents for a first approach of those fields. 
  • Philosophy: the room offers corpora of works covering the history of Philosophy from Pre-Socratic philosophy to today’s thinkers.
  • Psychology, Psychoanalysis
  • Sociology: you may find classics and critical studies in the field and a vast array of contemporary works. 
  • Education Science
  • Ethnology, Anthropology
  • Religions: the collections contain reference works and a collection of the main texts, ancient and modern, for each religion.

Services offered

  • Group room : The room offers 8 seats, is equipped with a board and can be booked via Affluences
  • Four audiovisual stations offering a selection of films, series, and documentaries connected to the room’s collections and current program

Noteworthy Collections 

  • Geological maps of France, IGN maps (regional, departmental, municipal and international), Michelin maps (regional and international). 
  • Pedological maps of France and maps of hiking trails in France
  • Touristic guides of France and the world



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