Room N – Economics and Management, Political Science, Press

Room N offers collections in the fields of economics, management, political science and reference documents on the press. It welcomes all readers carrying a research library pass. The room seats 116 people (75 seats have an internet cable). Large format documents kept in the law, economics and politics department storage (particularly paper press, fragile and precious documents) are exclusively delivered in Room N.



  • Economics and Management 
    Research monographs and periodicals 
  • Political Science
    Research monographs and periodicals 
  • Press
    Monographs on press, newspaper chronological and analyticall indexes (such as Le Monde)

Services offered

  • To make the most of your visit, you can secure your document consultation by making sure that conservation conditions permit their delivery (eg. paper press titles). You just need to ask a question via ‘Ask a Librarian’ or SINBAD (Service d’ Information Des Bibliothécaires A Distance) and be as detailed as possible (title, call, date, desired consultation date). 
  • Help for documentary research on how to use paper and electronic collections. Law, economics, and politics collection are largely represented in the accessible electronic offer at the BnF. Our librarians are the go-to persons to help our readers on how to use them. 
  • Material for document consultation: illuminated magnifiers, futons, book snakes.
  • Lecterns for the consultation of large format works and of press titles (specific seats in the room)
  • Microfiche readers between Room M and Room N
  • 12 freely accessible computer stations for the use of online digital resources (databases, books, and electronic periodicals) and internet research. 
  • Digitization and reproduction room (for paper and microforms) between Room M and Room N



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