How to reserve a document (François-Mitterrand site)

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I wish to reserve a document (François-Mitterrand Library)

For all documents unavailable direcrly on the shelves, a request for the communication of the document is necessary.
The request can be made for the same day or up to 30 days in advance.
Please note
A valid pass to a research library is required

I connect to

I am using a library station
I put my Pass on the reader and I click on ‘Me connecter’


I already have an ID/password
I type my ID and password and I click on ‘Me connecter’
I don’t have an ID/password
I have to create an account

I want to search for a document in the library’s General Catalogue

I connect to
I can research the catalog.
Please note
I am automatically connected to my personal space.

Tip: I can connect to my personal space directly from by clicking on ‘Espace personnel’

I click on ‘Réserver’

After finding the document I wish to reserve, I click on the ‘Réserver’ button
Please note
I can also bookmark the document by clicking ‘Ajouter à mes notices’ to easily reserve it later.
If the ‘Réserver’ button is not available, it is because the document is freely accessible or because I am not connected to my personal space: I can connect by following step 1 or step 4.

I indicate the desired delivery day

I choose my day, then click on ‘Valider’
Please note
If I have not booked a seat in a reading room yet, I will have to do it at the same time.

I consult my bookmarked requests

I can consult my bookmarked reservations by going to
After entering my ID and password if requested, I click on ‘Réservation site François-Mitterrand’, then on the days where a reservation was made for.

Logging out

Logging out is advised for confidentiality reasons when using a public computer at the Library.