France-Brazil is a bilingual French-Portuguese digital library covering the history of Franco-Brazilian relations from the 16th to the 20th century. The result of cooperation between BnF and the National Library of Brazil, it is part of the Shared Heritage collection, which documents relations between France and the rest of the world over the centuries. Through the presentation of documentary collections from the BnF, the National Library of Brazil and other partner institutions, this digital library immerses us in the heart of a singular history that bears witness to the movement of people, knowledge and ideas between France and Brazil.


Virgin forest, the banks of the Parahïba. “Voyage pittoresque et historique au Brésil“ by Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1848), BnF

An Editorialised Corpus

Manuscripts, prints, maps, drawings and photographs, as well as sound and audio-visual recordings, form a corpus of more than 2,000 items. This documentary heritage has been contextualised through previously-unpublished articles, written by French and Brazilian specialists and divided into 4 major themes and 14 sub-themes.

The Partners

The France-Brazil site currently contains items from the collections of:

Over Fifteen Years of Franco-Brazilian Cooperation

The history of the France-Brazil digital library began in 2009, on the occasion of the Year of France in Brazil. The two national libraries decided to collect, in a bilingual virtual space, a body of items describing Franco-Brazilian relations from the attempts at colonisation during the Renaissance to the 20th century, in all their richness and complexity. With the support of the Institut français in Brazil, the two institutions have jointly co-produced the La France au Brésil / A França no Brasil collection.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of this partnership, the BnF and the National Library of Brazil decided to renew their collaboration in order to overhaul and enrich the site. In 2019, France in Brazil / A França no Brasil thus becomes the France-Brazil digital library and was integrated into the Shared Heritage collection of the BnF.

On the occasion of the five-year anniversary of this redesign, in December 2023, a bilingual (French and Portuguese) event focusing on the digital library gave the floor to the partners of this ambitious scientific project.

More about this event (in French and in Portughese)