Room A - Audiovisual

-    Consultation on audiovisual stations of filmed documentaries, classics of cinema and music, musical websites, audio books, conference and web documentaries. 
-    Individual and group access to PC and console video games (loading on demand) 
-    A large screen video program
-    Monographs and printed periodicals



  • General informations
  • Audiovisual media
  • Cinema
  • Music

Services offered

Web portal - Digital creation studio - Virtual reality - Tablets 
  • Access to audiovisual documents on a dedicated portal, by catalog research or by shelfmark
  • Digital creation studio (sound, video, multimedia)
  • Virtual reality documents on ‘VR POD’ and VR headset
  • ‘Sonic chair’ for the consultation of online musical websites
  • Tablets with multimedia applications
  • Movie room