Room K – Philosophy and Religion

Room K is located next to the ‘Café des Temps’ and offers freely accessible collections on philosophy, psychology and psychoanalysis as well as religion. Readers can also use microfilm consultation stations, carrels with and without computer stations (access via booking of a specific carrel). 



Philosophy, psychology-psychoanalysis, religion
  • The philosophy collections are constituted of reference research works in French and foreign languages. They include classic texts in original and translated version: corpora on major authors, reference books and sources, completed by contemporary critical apparatuses. The History of philosophy occupies a significant place, as well as majors schools of thought (Ancient philosophy, French and German philosophy, contemporary philosophy, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of art). 
  • The psychology and psychoanalysis collections are constituted of reference research works in French and foreign languages with a special focus in English. Freely accessible books include historical works by French psychologists such as Jean Piaget and Pierre Janet and features the main school of psychology/psychoanalysis. Readers will also find repertoires, synthetic works, classic texts on contemporary research, and multidisciplinary works. 
  • The religion collections are constituted of an ensemble of ancient and modern sources for each religion, either in French or in original languages (English, German, Latin, Greek, Hebrew) and of numerous academic works. 

Services offered 

  • You have free access to important periodicals on each ofthe three fields. You can reserve more periodicals from storage  or consult online (data bases, electronic ressources, access to CAIRN).



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