Room O – Law, Official Publications

Room O offers a representative collection of a large ensemble of legal cultures. French law, Anglo-Saxon law, Spanish law, German and Italian law are largely covered as well as international and European law. The collection includes works in foreign languages. Room O offers 92 seats, 54 of which are equipped with an internet cable. 



  • Law
    Monographs and research periodicals. The freely accessible collections are classified by main legal branches: private law, public law, social law, penal law etc. Legal systems in various countries are treated within these branches. Readers can also find documentation regarding criminology and penitentiary science. 
  • Official Publications 
    Monographs and research periodicals. Official publications include institutional publications and parliamentary assemblies documents, collections of legal texts (laws, decrees, treaties),  executive publications and administrative reports (Presidency, Ministries) and public organisations. Room O also houses statistics and publication of intergovernmental organizations

Services offered

  • Help for documentary research on how to use paper and electronic collections. Law, economics, and politics occupy a large place in the electronic offer of the BnF. To learn how to use electronic collections, refer to the staff. 
  • Material for document consultation; illuminated magnifiers, futons, book snakes.
  • A group room that can be booked by holders of a research pass. The room seats up to 8 people. Booking online here or onsite in the reading room. 
  • Access to all the BnF databases, particularly the main legal databases:, Doctrinal Plus, Lexis 360, …
  • 18 microfilm readers
  • 10 freely accessible computer stations for the use of online digital resources (databases, books, and electronic periodicals) and internet research. 

Noteworthy collections 

  • An important collection on International and European law, mainly from European and OECD countries.
  • A collection of about 300 volumes.



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