Room U – World Literature

The World Literature collections cover a geographically broad range, aiming at presenting a large panorama of the linguistic diversity and of its literary expressions, focusing on texts in original version with a translation in French when available.


At the François-Mitterrand library, the World Literature and General and Comparative Literature collections comprise works and reviews covering the following linguistic areas

  • Anglophone,
  • Germanophone,
  • Hispanophone,
  • Italian-speaking,
  • Dutch-speaking,
  • Lusophone,
  • Romanian-speaking,
  • Scandinavian-speaking
  • and non francophone African countries

This collections also includes

  • Central and Oriental Balkan languages
  • Languages from the Maghreb and  the Middle-East 
  • Asian languages 

The foreign literature collections freely vaibalbe mostly include texts by classic to contemporary authors in their original language. It also features critical studies, concordances, symposia, bibliographies, university work, and periodicals.

The room storages conserve more specialized foreign criticism works, avant-garde literary works, experimental and ephemeral literature. 


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