Room V – French Literature

Room V is dedicated for the most part  to French literature from the medieval ages to today and gathers also diverse collections in linguistics and French language. The room also largely features Francophone literature. It offers 136 seats and 32,000 documents


French literature (24,970 volumes)

A large panorama of the French literary production classified by centuries, but also periodicals and works on the history of French literature, classified by period and by genre. 

  • General (840-848) = 4,130 volumes
  • Medieval Literature (84/2 and 84/24) = 1,770 volumes
  • 16th century (84/31) = 1,490 volumes
  • 17th century (84/32) = 1,080 volumes
  • 18th century (84/33) = 2,270 volumes
  • 19th century (84/34) = 5,200 volumes
  • 20th century (84/4) = 8,170 volumes
  • 21th century (84/5) = 860 volumes

Francophone Literature (2,990 volumes)

They are classified into ten geographical zones: Subsaharan Africa, North America, Asia/Pacific, Carribean, Maghreb, Indian Ocean, Near East, Switzerland, Belgium/Luxemburg, other European countries. This section also offers general works (anthologies, dictionaries), literary works (novels, poetry, theater) classified by authors, and critical studies. 

Linguistics (400-419)

General linguistics works, phonetics, morphology, syntax, lexicology. In the research library, readers find a number of reference works, main collections and French and foreign university periodicals in French linguistics. 

French and regional languages (440-448)

General works, theoretical works, and periodicals on the history of the French language.
Philology, etymological dictionaries, history of language normalization. 
General linguistics and French language: 3,210 volumes

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Services offered

17 carrels on a mezzanine above the  U and V rooms inquiry desk (the consultation of documents is not authorized in these carrels)

Noteworthy collections 

Room of 19th century periodicals, for exemple the Revue des deux mondes

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Literature and linguistics bibliographies

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