Room W – Oriental Languages and Literature and Art

Room W gathers all documents on art, languages, oriental literature and Greek and Latin language and literature.


  • Art
  • Greek and Latin language and literature
  • Language and literature from Balkanic, Central and Eastern Europe 
  • Language and literature from Maghreb and the Near East
  • Language and literature from Asia

The classics collections (Greek and Latin philosophy) are in the Haut-de-jardin level (Room H) and in the Rez-de-jardin level (Room W). Room W offers similar collections free of access with more analyses in English, German and Italian, complete with a collection of Greek Byzantine literature and a selection of periodicals. 

Services offered

  • One room equipped with microfiche readers and one room equipped with microfilm readers
  • A mezzanine space with paper files of works in Latin characters
  • Learn how to navigate art digital resources 

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