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Help the National Library of France restore its historic palace and site at Richelieu. Tomorrow, Richelieu will become a library and museum for present and future generations to admire and enjoy. Join us in saving this exceptional heritage.
Your gift can be made towards one of the historic rooms of your choice: the Gallery of Mazarin, the King’s Cabinet, the Salle Ovale Reading Room.
You may also choose to associate your name or of a loved one to one of the bookcases in the Salle Ovale, the spectacular oval reading room.
Thanks to our crowdfunding campaign, we have raised 1.4 million euros for the Renaissance of Richelieu. Help us to reach our goal of 1.6 million euros. Each gift counts. Thank you for your support and help.


The Renovation of the Mazarine Gallery

The Mazarine Gallery was built by François Mansart between 1644 and 1646 as a commission by Cardinal Mazarin to host his paintings and sculpture collections. The gallery was decorated by two Italian painters, Gian Francesco Romanelli and Gian Francesco Grimaldi. The arched ceiling is in pure Baroque style. Its vault is ornate with a fresco, a rare feat in Paris at the time. The Mazarine Gallery is classified as a French Historic Monument.

The renovation work is aimed at the deteriorated fresco, cracked stuccos, the damaged Versailles-style floor and the marouflaged canvas on the walls which will be enhanced. 

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The Renovation of the King’s Cabinet 

The King’s Cabinet was furnished in the 18th Century to host the Royal collection of coins and medals, one of the most remarkable in the World. Its decor, painted by the three 18th Century masters, François Boucher, Charles Natoire and Carle Van Loo, as well as its furniture make an unparalleled ensemble. The King’s cabinet is included on the French Supplementary Historic Monument List.
The renovation work aims at reviving the painted decor’s brilliance and original colors, and at the cleaning of the paintings’ canvases. 

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The Renovation of the Oval Room

The Oval Room is a majestic reading room. Its construction started in 1897 with architect Jean-Louis Pascal and it was inaugurated only in 1936. Nicknamed the ‘Oval Heaven’, it boasts impressive volumes: 44 meters in length, 33 meters in width and 18 meters in height. It features enchanting mosaics, gilding, ornamental paintings, painted decor and unique pieces of furniture. The Oval Room is included on the French Supplementary Historic Monument List. 
The renovation work will focus on the restoration of the canopy so as to offer natural light for the comfort of the readers, on the beautifully carved panelings, the paintings, the mosaics, the gilding, and the furniture.  

To be part of the Oval Room renovation, you can also associate your name or the name of a loved one to one of the room’s exceptional emblems. 

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Making a Donation   

  • Online with a credit card by following this link 


You will benefit from an income tax deduction equivalent to 66% of your donation’s total amount, limited to 20% of your taxable income, reportable within 5 years (loi du 1er août 2013 relative au mécénat).


- A 20 € donation will cost 6,8 € after tax deduction
- A 50 € donation will cost 17 € after tax deduction
- A 100 € donation will cost 34€ after tax deduction

- A 200 € donation will cost 68 € after tax deduction

- A 500 € donation will cost 170 € after tax deduction


The BnF is not eligible to IFI donations (French real estate wealth tax)



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