France-Poland is a collaborative bilingual (French and Polish) digital library which is dedicated to the relationship between France and Poland from the Renaissance to Charles de Gaulle’s official visit to Poland in 1967. As part of the Shared Heritage collection, France-Poland sheds a light on Franco-Polish history through the presentation of commented document collections.


An Editorialised Corpus

Official acts, scholarly works, printed books, manuscripts, maps, prints, photographs, podcasts and videos, along with testimonies about everyday life, customs, science and culture bring centuries of shared history to life.


4,000 items are divided into 4 themes:

Each of these explores one aspect of the ties between the two countries. In addition, historical contextualisation is provided by articles written by specialists, researchers and library curators.

Dama polska. Collection of Polish costumes drawn from life by Norblin - 1817 - BnF

Poland in Gallica

From the epic of the Napoleonic era that inspires Polish literature to the present day, to the 100th anniversary of the convention on Polish immigration and the little-known links of Gaspard-Félix Tournachon (Nadar) with Poland, the blog of Gallica contains many articles illustrating the close relationship between France and Poland.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of France-Poland in 2023, a Rencontre de Gallica focusing on Poland and its culture, as well as its links with France, through a variety of available documents (maps, books, manuscripts, periodicals, prints, photographs, music…) was organised. Les Rencontres de Gallica are monthly events that present the digital collections of BnF and its partners, focusing on a particular theme or corpus of documents.

The conference below is available in French.



In Gallica, you can also discover a collection of items linked to Frédéric Chopin.

The Project’s Origin

The France-Poland digital library was created from a partnership between the BnF and the Biblioteka Narodowa - National Library of Poland.

The France-Poland digital library is a collective venture.  In addition to the two historical partners, other various heritage and cultural institutions are involved: