Room G – World Literature

The World literature collections cover a vast geographical area. They aim at presenting a large panorama of the linguistical diversities and of its literary expressions while putting emphasis on original versions with their French translation when available. 
Room G seats 215 people and offers 63,000 documents and a 10-seat Français Langue Étrangère (French as a foreign language) lab.


Room G presents a selection of literary texts and of studies on European languages and literature, as well as on languages and literature from the Middle East and on the main Asian languages. Literary texts are presented both in their original version and in French whenever possible. 
Regional languages and literature (Breton, Catalan, Welsh, Galician, Gaelic, Sorbian, Corsican, Sardinian etc.) are also presented in room G.
  • General and comparative literature, theory and criticism: literature, general documents, comparative literature, the theory of literature, history of literature, literary forms and their history, stylistic and thematic studies. 
  • English language and literature (including English Canadian and English Indo-Pakistani literature) 
  • German language and literature (including Yiddish) 
  • Dutch language and literature (including Afrikaans)
  • Scandinavian language and literature 
  • Italian language and literature (including Swiss literature in Italian)
  • Romanian language and literature 
  • Spanish language and literature from Spain and Latin America
  • Portuguese language and literature (Including Brazil and Lusophone Africa) 
  • African languages and literature 
  • Central and Easter Balkan languages and literature: Greek language and literature, Finnish and Hungarian languages and literature, Polish language and literature, Russian language and literature, Slavonic languages and literature, Czech language and literature. 
  • Languages and literature from the Maghreb, Near and Middle-east: Arabic languages and literature, Armenian language and literature, Hebrew language and literature, Turkish language and literature.
  • Asian languages and literature: Chinese language and literature, Indian language and literature, Japanese language and literature, Vietnamese language and literature.
A collection directly accessible at the entrance of room G gathers learning methods, dictionaries and grammar books. They are no multimedia learning methods, only accessible at the research level. 
However, the foreign literature room is equipped with a French as a foreign language lab. 

Offered services

  • Group room (3 people)
  • Four audiovisual stations
  • Reproduction room (one scanner and two microfiche readers) with a Sedeco card distributor shared with room H. 
  • Link to bibliographies and other downloadable documents 

Noteworthy collections 

  •  Practical Collections
  • French as a foreign language lab 
A self-teaching lab dedicated to learning French as a foreign language is located in room G. It seats 10 people with soundproof computer stations. 
Whether you are a beginner or more advanced,  you can improve your French thanks to online methods, sound documents or FLE learning websites. These multimedia resources come complete with a book collection: mementos, exercise books, pronunciation manuals, lexicons, methods, conversation guides, grammar books and manuals. Learning methods are available for native speakers of English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic. More languages to come. 

French as a foreign language conversation workshop