Room R – History of Science, Fundamental Science – Maps and Plans

Room R presents a part of the research collections in scientific and technological fields. 
Rather than offering highly specialized research collections, the BnF originally decided to offer a reference research collection in science and technology able to respond to the daily needs of specialized researchers and researchers who are looking to access reference documentation outside of their field of specialization. 



The collections comprise legally deposited French publishing production, books, and reviews acquired by the Rez-de-Jardin in English essentially, except for the necessary reference works in French available in the reading room. 
The works presented to follow mainly include comprehensive reference works, (bibliographies, databases etc.) complete works, general surveys and treaties, synthetic works and a selection of publication to follow the evolution or research in a variety of fields. 

The selection of periodicals focuses on the fundamentals, mainly general and multidisciplinary titles. Current acquired documents are mainly digital. The digital library is particularly rich with monographs (ebooks), category too often overlooked at the expense of periodicals. The history of human science remains the mostly acquired field. 

Since 2016, the Maps and Plan Department has been located in Room R and will remain there until the completion of the Renovation of the Richelieu Library.  


Liste des disciplines principales trouvées dans la salle :

Services offered

  • Help for documentary research on how to use paper and electronic collections
  • Microfilm and Microfiche readers
  • Freely accessible Computer stations
  • Carrels



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