Room L - History

Room L is dedicated to history, prehistory, and archaeology. It houses monographs and periodicals related to these subjects regarding France as well as the rest of the world. In a small neighboring room, you will find a space dedicated to the reference documents related to the sources of the history of France. 



  • History 
    The history collections are made of research-level reference items in French and other languages. The L room gives access to both general books (history dictionaries, reference books, corpora of sources etc.) and historiography classics and monographs at the cutting edge of historical research. French history is the leading but not exclusive topic. Historiography also features highly.  
  • Archaeology, ancient history, and prehistory
    A large selection of archaeological books prominently features the Greek and Roman worlds, Gaul, Egypt, Near, and the Middle East. They showcase the most contemporary state of research. Ancient history collections focus on textual sources: writing by Greek and Latin historians in French or bilingual version. 
    The archeological and prehistorical collections comprise research-level reference items in French and other foreign languages. 
    As for prehistory, all knowledge fields are represented: the evolution of mankind and society, cave painting, religions and prehistory, and paleoenvironment. Methodology and the subject’s history are also well featured. 
  • Auxiliary sciences
    Room L offers a selection of resources in genealogy, epigraphy, heraldry, paleography, and numismatics, a useful complement to the collections

Services offered

  • Periodicals related to the disciplines in Room L are groups on one side of the room for more visibility. The fonds aims at giving an understanding of the most recent state of research,  hence making available only the periodicals from the past few years. 

Noteworthy collections 

  • Room of the sources of the History of France 
    This space is situated just behind the History of France collections and it gathers numerous essentials for everyone starting research work on the history of France. It offers a coherent and easy to identify ensemble for the researcher,  formed of catalogs, repertoires, bibliographies and other corpora. The annual bibliography of the history of France and the Catalog of Royal Acts are available there


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